• Delivered as a service
  • Without customizations for the user
  • Adapted to the needs of today's datacenters
  • Based on open source

MonitorNow APM

Your applications are what you promise your business. Monitoring them is key for your delivery.

MonitorNow APM supports

  • Application monitoring from simple to complex applications and application flows
  • A comprehensive monitoring of all aspects of your application
  • Complex relations monitoring, including the infrastructure, middleware and application layers
  • Business and Services Dashboards
  • Business driven SLA

MonitorNow Datacenter

You need a simple, easy-to-use and comprehensive monitoring of your Datacenter. We provide you an ideal solution with MonitorNow

MonitorNow Datacenter supports

  • Agentless monitoring
  • Management Packs for all Datacenter Infrastructures
  • Tuning and customizations to your needs
  • Automated notifications
  • Your Infrastructure and Service Views

MonitorNow Network

Without a good monitoring of your network, you will be impacted by downtime or performance loss. MonitorNow network monitoring provides you the tool to keep you aware of events in your network and pro-actively helps to solve network issues.

MonitorNow Network supports

  • Network Discovery
  • Network layout mapping
  • Network performance monitoring
  • Network root cause analysis

MonitorNow Web

Your website is an extention of your company, so you want to know the status and performance of your website.

MonitorNow Web supports

  • Simple web monitoring and performance
  • Complex scenarios for Real user monitoring
  • Monitoring from multiple locations
  • Web monitoring against your SLA

MonitorNow Cloud

Whether public, private or hybrid cloud, MonitorNow provides the necessary API support to monitor all your services.

MonitorNow Cloud supports

  • API's for most of the known Cloud providers
  • All types of Clouds
  • One SLA including Datacenter and Cloud services

About Us

MonitorNow is a service delivered by SI Services, as Cloud Services Company.

SI Services delivers cost effective cloud solutions for medium to large sized companies. The offering is focussed on operations efficiency which encompasses monitoring. With MonitorNow, SI Services delivers services for all kinds of ICT applications and infrastructure monitoring.

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